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Veka Perfectline 70

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The main features of Perfectline 70 include excellent thermal insulation, aesthetics, and versatility of applications. Due to the properties of this profile, it is the perfect solution for those looking for quality and functionality in their home or office.

In summary, let yourself be captivated by comfort, style, and innovative solutions with VEKA Perfectline 70!

Discover VEKA Perfectline 70, a versatile profile that allows you to create not only high-quality windows but also balcony doors and advanced sliding systems.
Profile thickness: 70mm

A 70mm installation depth provides excellent thermal insulation.

Profile class: A

Class A window profiles use approximately 14% more PVC in their production. This results in windows made from Class A profiles being very stable and durable.

Profile chambers: 5

The 5-chamber construction of the frame and sash ensures solidity and excellent thermal insulation.

Thermal insulation: 1.1 W/m²K

By working with the appropriate set of glass with a Ug value of 1.0, the entire construction achieves a Uw insulation coefficient of 1.1 W/m²K.

The number of seals: 2 + 1

You can choose from 3 colors of seals: gray, black, and caramel. Each window is equipped with an additional dustproof seal!

Glass package: from 6mm to 42mm

The possibility of using various thicknesses and types of glazing, such as self-cleaning glass and anti-condensation glass.

Hardware: WINKHAUS

Durable and secure fittings with the possibility of installing additional anti-burglary protection.


Flexibility in modeling allows for the creation of unique shapes and arches.

The PERFECTLINE 70 profile features a 5-chamber construction (5 chambers in both the main frame and the sash) with a width of 70mm, providing unparalleled thermal protection. When combined with the appropriate glazing with a Ug value of 1.0, the entire structure achieves a Uw insulation coefficient of 1.1 W/m²K.


In this series, it is possible to use glass thickness ranging from 6-49mm. The external walls of this model are 3mm thick (with an allowable deviation of 0.2mm), meeting elite quality standards – “Premium Level” (in accordance with international norms).


The innovative dual-seal system ensures optimal tightness and excellent sound and thermal insulation. Special seals with a surface inclined at a 15-degree angle effectively channel water and contaminants away.


Robust steel reinforcing elements guarantee long-term durability and protection against unwanted access.


The frame has a dedicated chamber for steel reinforcement, while the sash utilizes a unique double-fold open reinforcement technology. This allows for the creation of sashes up to 1500mm in width without the need for additional reinforcing elements.

zdjęcie osoby, która otwiera skrzydło okienne
okna na froncie wielkiego białego budynku

The PERFECTLINE 70 model is primarily synonymous with elegance. Its clean lines blend perfectly with the architecture of buildings.


Due to the flexibility of the material, it is possible to create arched structures and products in unique shapes.


Additionally, the available seal colors – caramel, gray, and black – beautifully complement the profile colors, enhancing the aesthetics of the construction.


The low overall side height of the sash and frame, measuring only 118 mm, provides a larger glass surface and excellent interior illumination.


Thanks to the use of the right type of glazing, the system meets the requirements of class 6 sound insulation, dampening sounds to a level of 50 dB.


In summary, made from high-quality material, PERFECTLINE 70 profiles are easy to maintain and do not require additional maintenance for many years. The extensive range allows for the customization of the product to meet the customer’s needs.

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