Innovation at Vitron sp.j. Tymiński Żakiewicz Żmiejko

The PVC conditioning position

Vitron sp.j., as the first producer of PVC joinery in Poland, and probably in the world, has developed an innovative technology for conditioning PVC window sashes within the technological production process of windows. This technology has been patented (Patent No. 233594 for Invention PT. Method of manufacturing PVC plastic windows and a production line for manufacturing PVC plastic windows). The conditioning process allows for the production of PVC windows with increased resistance to permanent deformation due to solar heating.

The warping of window sashes, especially balcony doors, is a common and troublesome issue for both users and manufacturers. To eliminate this problem, manufacturers often have to perform a process of “warming” the sashes in their installed location. The effectiveness of the PVC window sash warming technology has been confirmed through a series of tests conducted for our company by the Institute of Innovation and Technology at Bialystok University of Technology (ITT) under the supervision of Dr. Marek Jałbrzykowski. Upon Vitron sp.j.’s request and guidance, ITT has designed a PVC conditioning position. It allows us to perform thermal treatment on welded and steel-reinforced PVC window sashes while maintaining specified parameters (time and temperature). This process, even during production, eliminates secondary shrinkage, preventing permanent deformation of PVC window sashes caused by solar heating.

Making non-extruded welds

Aesthetics is a matter that cannot be overlooked because a good product is not only one with the right parameters and high-quality craftsmanship but also one that “pleases the eye.” In our efforts to enhance the aesthetics of the windows we produce, we have modernized our production line to have the capability of using non-extruded welds, which significantly improves the visual appeal of the windows. An additional benefit of implementing this technology is a 20% increase in the weld’s durability, thus making our windows more robust and long-lasting.

Improving thermal and acoustic insulation properties

Another important aspect of our organization is the development of technology to ensure the best possible thermal insulation properties for windows. Through our own research, we have developed a system for using an expandable tape between the glass panel and the PVC profile, which reduces heat transfer. To validate our research, we provided a prototype of PVC joinery to ITT for professional and scientific testing of our product.

The research conducted by ITT confirmed a 10% increase in the thermal insulation of the window sash. Furthermore, the confirmed benefit of using the expandable tape is a 6% increase in sound insulation. Improving the thermal insulation properties of windows significantly contributes to reducing heating and air conditioning costs.

Summary of innovations

In line with our motto, “You’ll Appreciate the Difference,” we pay attention to details in every aspect when it comes to windows. We are flexible, committed to continuous development, and dedicated to improving the quality of our products—for you. The implementation of innovations at Vitron is co-financed by the European Union funds under the Regional Operational Program of the Podlaskie Voivodeship 2014-2020 – project No. RPPD.01.03.00-20-0174/17 titled “Implementation of Innovations at Vitron Sp. j.