VEKA Softline 82 MD

Light and style that will transform any interior

VEKA Softline 82 MD

Highest class of Comfort Safety Elegance.

Discover the luxury of the new generation with the PREMIUM VEKA Softline 82 MD profile – currently the highest class among window profiles. This innovative profile combines advanced thermal insulation technology with an elegant and modern design, consequently providing not only excellent energy efficiency but also a stylish finish to every room.

Ideal for those who do not accept compromises between aesthetics and functionality.

Choose Softline 82 MD and raise the standards of your home to a new level of comfort and sophistication!

VEKA Softline 82 MD is a synonym of modernity and efficiency in the window industry, combining advanced insulation with an elegant design. Ideal for demanding projects, this profile ensures durability and versatility in windows, balcony doors, and sliding systems.
Profile thickness: 82mm

The construction depth of 82mm provides exceptional thermal and acoustic protection.

Profile class: A

For the production of class A window profiles, about 14% more PVC is used. As a result, windows made from class A profiles are very stable and durable.

Number of chambers: 7/6

7 chambers in the frame and 6 in the sash, guaranteeing the best insulation in its class.

Thermal insulation: up to 0.7 W/m²K!

In combination with glazing with Ug=0.4 W/m2K (warm edge spacer), we can achieve an impressive insulation value of Uw=0.7 W/m2K!

Number of seals: 3 + 1

An additional seal in the frame guarantees exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation. There are three colors of seals to choose from: gray, black, and caramel. Every window is equipped with an additional dust seal!

Glazing package: from 25mm to 52mm

Possibility of using various thicknesses and types of glazing, such as self-cleaning, anti-condensation glass.

hardware: WINKHAUS

Durable and secure fittings with the option of installing additional anti-burglary protection.


Flexibility in shaping allows for the creation of unique shapes and arches.

VEKA SOFTLINE 82 MD is a leading window profile in its class, setting new standards in insulation and design. With its 7-chamber construction, including 7 partitions in the main frame and 6 in the sash, and an impressive width of 82 mm, this profile provides unparalleled thermal protection. When paired with a 3-pane package with a warm frame, it achieves an excellent Uw insulation coefficient of 0.7 W/m2K, placing it at the forefront of the market.


Its ability to adapt to a wide range of glass thicknesses, from 24 to 52 mm, allows for exceptional design flexibility. Furthermore, the 3 mm thickness of the external walls of the model, in line with international standards, guarantees the highest quality and durability.


The unique sealing and insulation, both thermal and acoustic, are the result of the use of three precisely designed seals on the frame and sash, effectively draining water and contaminants. This system, with the right glass, meets the requirements of class 6 acoustic insulation, reducing noise levels to 50 dB.

narożne okno pcv w kolorze złoty dąb w białym budynku
biały dom z antracytowymi oknami

SOFTLINE 82 MD, thanks to its robust construction reinforced with steel elements, guarantees long-lasting durability. The unique frame design, with a dedicated chamber for reinforcements, and innovative sash technology allow for the creation of wide sashes up to 1500 mm wide without the need for additional reinforcements.


Aesthetically, SOFTLINE 82 MD stands out with clean lines that blend perfectly with various facades. Its design flexibility allows for the creation of unique shapes and arches, offering a choice between two types of muntins.


Additionally, this profile offers a variety of seal colors – caramel, gray, and black – which further enhance the product’s aesthetics. Made from the highest quality material, SOFTLINE 82 MD is easy to maintain and does not require frequent maintenance, making it an excellent choice for any project. Its advanced technology and aesthetic finish guarantee satisfaction and durability, meeting the highest expectations for modern window solutions.

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