Roller blinds and mosquito nets

Roller blinds and mosquito nets

Standard Security Roller Shutter

Adaptive roller shutters SK, SKE, and SKP are perfect for existing buildings, as their installation does not require any structural changes to the building. These systems can be mounted both within window recesses and directly onto the wall.


SKP with semi-oval casings complements the façade beautifully, while SK and SKE with extruded casings cut at a 45° angle fit perfectly into interiors. The shutters are made of high-quality aluminum sheet with PU/PA coatings, providing resistance to weather conditions.


Optionally, profiles made of extruded aluminum and plastic are available. The possibility of integration with a mosquito net ensures protection against insects and heat loss.

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Integro Security Shutter

Integro built-in roller shutter systems are primarily used in new buildings, but with the right modifications, they can also be installed in existing structures. Planning and installation should be considered during the building’s design phase to maximize their functionality.


Integro built-in shutters provide excellent thermal insulation without affecting the building’s energy balance and become an integral part of the facade. Recommended by the Passive House Institute, they offer protection against heat loss when properly installed.


The option to include a mosquito net provides additional protection against insects. The shutters can be made from profiles filled with foam, plastic, or extruded aluminum.

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Rondo Security Shutter

The adaptive roller shutter systems SKO and SKO-P are primarily designed for existing buildings.


Due to their lack of integration with the window, they can be installed at any time. SKO-P features a casing made of high-quality aluminum sheet with a PU/PA coating, while SKO is made of extruded aluminum for added rigidity. Their oval shape and design make them a popular choice for wall mounting.


The shutter armor can be made from profiles filled with foam, plastic, or extruded aluminum, with the option of an independently operating mosquito net, Moskito.

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Semi-Circular Security Shutter

Adaptive roller shutter systems SK, SKE, and SKP are designed for existing buildings, allowing for installation without the need for alterations to window structures or the building itself. They can be installed both within window recesses and directly onto the wall, with the option of semi-oval casings for SKP suited for facades or SK and SKE with extruded casings.


These shutters are made from aluminum sheet filled with polyurethane foam and coated with PU/PA, providing resistance to wear and tear as well as weather conditions. They are also available in versions made of extruded aluminum and plastic.


These systems can be integrated with a mosquito net, providing protection against insects and heat loss.

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Overhead Security Shutter

The superimposed roller shutter system is a functional solution for new and renovated buildings. It is characterized by the direct mounting of the casing on the window frame, compatible with most window profiles. PVC casings are insulated, which improves thermal insulation.


Optionally, the system can include the MOSKITO mosquito net, providing independent operation from the roller shutter. For decorative effect, there is an option not to conceal the casing and match its color to the window frames, using extruded aluminum.


For buildings with thin walls, it is possible to use a rounded side profile, ensuring an aesthetic appearance.

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Window Frame Mosquito Net

We offer high-quality window mosquito nets constructed from fiberglass mesh and aluminum frames. Our products are elegant, durable, and effectively protect against insects and pollen.


They are weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use. Mosquito nets are available in various colors, allowing them to be matched to any window type and color.


In our range, you will find colors such as white, brown, anthracite, golden oak, walnut, and mahogany.

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Collar Window Mosquito Net

Our mosquito nets are designed for easy installation on various types of windows, including PVC and wooden frames. They are installed using swivel mounting brackets, which do not require any modification to the window structure. Once installed, these mosquito nets enhance the functionality of the windows by protecting the interior from insects.


In our range, you will find colors such as white, brown, anthracite, golden oak, walnut, and mahogany.

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Roll-up Window Mosquito Net

Roll-up mosquito nets can be installed both within the window recess and directly on the external window frame. They are an excellent solution for skylight windows, providing protection against insects.


During the season when insects are not a problem, the mosquito net can be easily rolled up into an aluminum cassette thanks to the spring mechanism. These retractable mosquito nets are also suitable for use on balcony windows, both in horizontal and vertical orientations.

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Frame Door Mosquito Net

The framed, hinged mosquito net system is an ideal solution for protecting balcony doors from insects. The frame profile of this mosquito net features a rounded, modern design that complements contemporary window frames.


The construction is reinforced with aluminum internal corners.


The mosquito net is mounted onto the window frame using self-closing hinges. A brush seal is present around the entire frame. The standard equipment of the mosquito net includes a handle for opening and magnets.

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Sliding Door Mosquito Net

The wing of this sliding door mosquito net moves easily along the top and bottom tracks, ensuring smooth operation while also allowing it to work seamlessly with external roller shutters.


The variety of available sliding tracks allows for the installation of the mosquito net in various configurations, suitable for all types of doors. The mosquito net profile is designed to eliminate the need for additional handles.


The system also includes a brake that controls the speed of the wing’s movement.

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Plisse Door Mosquito Net

This mosquito net features a unique, rigid pleated mesh that folds like an accordion and is supported by multiple tensioned cords.


This product is suitable for installation in both windows and doors, making it an ideal solution for folding-type HS doors. These mosquito nets can be installed within window recesses or directly onto the window frame.

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