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VEKAMOTION 82, with its innovative design, will revolutionize your living space experience. These unique sliding doors offer extensive glazing that not only illuminates every interior with natural light but also provides exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation. It’s an ideal solution for those who value comfort and functionality combined with modern design.

The elegant and minimalist design of VEKAMOTION 82 seamlessly blends with a high level of security. Thanks to its advanced features and aesthetic finish, VEKAMOTION 82 is not just practical, but also a stylish addition to any interior, offering an unparalleled combination of functionality, safety, and aesthetics.

Discover a new dimension of comfort with the sliding system VEKAMOTION 82, where every detail, from spacious, bright glazings to modern, smooth sliding mechanisms, has been designed to create a space that lives in harmony with your lifestyle.

Profile thickness: 82mm

In the VEKAMOTION 82 system, time-tested VEKA profiles with a depth of 82 mm are used, resulting in a total construction depth of 194mm. This ensures excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Construction width: up to 6.5m!

It is possible to design double-leaf patio doors with impressive dimensions of up to 6 m in width and 2.3 m in height, and in the four-leaf version, even up to 6.5 m in width.

Profile class: A

To manufacture class A window profiles, approximately 14% more PVC is used. This results in windows made from class A profiles being highly stable and durable.

Thermal insulation: up to 0.74 W/m²K

When combined with the appropriate set of glazing with a Ug value of 0.5 W/m²K, the entire structure achieves a Uw insulation coefficient of 0.74 W/m²K

Two-stage sealing system

A two-stage sealing system has been employed in the sliding sash area. The arrangement of external seals ensures the door's tightness, even under heavy loads such as hurricane winds and heavy rain.

Glazing package: up to 52mm

The possibility of using various types of glazing, including safety-enhancing laminated glass resistant to break-ins.


Durable and secure hardware with the option of installing additional anti-burglary protection.

Even more light

VEKAMOTION 82 allows for the installation of extensive triple-glazing, exceeding 5 m2 in size and weighing up to 250 kg. This offers the opportunity to create impressive, glass-filled spaces with unparalleled views of the surroundings.

VEKAMOTION 82, a revolutionary sliding door system, represents a new generation of energy-efficient and comfortable solutions. By utilizing modern multi-chamber profiles and an innovative PVC threshold known for its excellent thermal insulation, VEKAMOTION 82 effectively eliminates cold spots near the floor by the door.


The VEKA profile used in this system belongs to the highest class A, with a sash depth of 82 mm. The unique construction of the threshold connection to the sash has a height of 152 mm in cross-section, and the frame-to-sash connection reaches 163 mm, indicating the robustness of the structure.


Additionally, the innovative method of concealing the threshold in the floor enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of the system. The lift-and-slide version of VEKAMOTION 82 is equipped with innovative masking strips that effectively hide screw connections, creating perfectly smooth and aesthetic surfaces.


The VEKAMOTION 82 system allows for the installation of large triple-glazing panels that can exceed 5 m² and weigh up to 250 kg. This construction enables the creation of impressive, glass-filled spaces offering unparalleled views of the surroundings, making it an ideal solution for modern architectural projects that aim to maximize natural light and outdoor views.

zdjęcie dołu skrzydła i okucia w vekamotion 82

The hardware used in the VEKAMOTION 82 system allows for the design of double-leaf patio doors with impressive dimensions of up to 6m in width and 2.3m in height, and in the four-leaf version, even up to 6.5m in width. Thanks to the use of ball-bearing rollers and Teflon slides, the movement of the sashes is smooth and trouble-free.


Safety in the VEKAMOTION 82 system is ensured through the option of using laminated glass panels resistant to break-ins, reinforced steel profiles, and anti-burglary hardware and locks. Additionally, the modern threshold flush with the floor enhances safety and the everyday usability of the system.

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