How to prepare your garage for the installation of a sectional door?

Installation of the sectional door and preparation of the opening

The proper installation depends on the later functioning of the garage door. If you care about the long and failure-free operation of the gate, you should properly prepare your garage for installation.    

The ideal situation would be to install the gate in an already finished garage, where all walls and ceiling are already plastered and painted. However, it is not always possible, therefore it will describe those elements of the garage which are crucial for the later functioning of the gate.

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First of all, the wall with the lintel must be bricked up vertically and plastered as one plane. It is not acceptable that the left coal is shifted to the right. The extension on the lintel is also an unacceptable error. There must be no cavities or curves on the plastered wall surface.


Another extremely important element of preparing the garage for the installation of a sectional gate is the correct plastering of the wall on which the gate guides will be installed.


Example of correctly plastered wall

montaż bramy garażowej

It is recommended to plaster the ceiling as well, because it will be much more difficult to finish the ceiling when the door is already installed. Imagine putting plaster under the guides, where there will be 5 cm of space left for possible work, it is possible, but much more difficult.  If you plan to insulate the garage ceiling, it will also be much easier to do it before the gate is installed. It is very important to inform the seller about the thickness of the insulation before ordering the gate. This has an impact on the lintel height and the order of the appropriate gate.

Gates opening on the remote control are already standard. Admittedly, the drive can be installed at a later stage of the gate’s use, but it is worth to prepare for this earlier. It is very important to remember about the location of the electrical installation intended for the drive, including the socket in the ceiling, before plastering the garage – this will prevent the walls or ceiling from being torn apart again later.

Very often at the moment of gate installation, there is no proper flooring yet. There is only the first layer of concrete laid on the ground, the so-called slender, which does not give the gate any support. If you do not plan to pour the final floor during the assembly stage, we recommend making at least a strip of flooring under the gate (about 30cm) or at least a wooden beam, which will serve as a stable closure of the lower part of the garage opening. You should prepare for additional paid gate adjustment after finishing the floor, because the gate must tightly fit to the floor.

Installation of a garage door in a poorly prepared garage opening will result not only in low aesthetics, but also in the door not functioning properly. In addition, it may be associated with loss of heat through leaks and clearances. Therefore, it is worthwhile to prepare properly for installation.

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