How much do windows cost?

How much do windows cost?


The price is influenced by a number of factors, as the windows consist of many elemnts. Depending on whether the windows are aluminium, PVC or wood. What size windows are to be, what type of hardware the customer prefers. What type of glass pane is required in a building. Which installation will be the most suitable. It all matters when it comes to window prices. We approach each order individually, so you can’t unify the windows. So how much do windows really cost?

There are three possibilities of window pricing.

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Telephone pricing is also possible.

+48 85 741 89 90

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This is the most recommended way to make a valuation.

Our salespeople will advise which windows are best for you.

You will be able to see sections, catalogs and sample windows on our exhibition.

Sales office:

Szosa Baranowicka 119 Grabówka

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E-mail inquiries can be sent to the adress:

We will write you back as soon as possible.

We will need this informations for the initial valuation:

Materials of which the windows are to be made:

      1. PVC
      2. ALU
      3. Wood
  • The dimensions of the windows(they don’t have to be accurate, a few cm doesn’t make a big difference in price). Before signing the contract, we send a proffesional surveyor.
  • Color of windows from the inside and outside.

Hardware type:   

      1. Turn
      2. Tilt&Turn
      3. Tilt
      4. Tilt&Turn Slide
      5. Pick up and slide
      6. Harmonicaica

If the windows are to be with an assembly, what kind of assembly?

        • installation in the face of the wall for anchors/screws and foam(cheapest option)
        • installation in the face of the wall for anchors, foam and thermal insulation tapes
        • installation with sliding windows on special consoles outside the face of the wall with sealing(warm instalation)

Before sending the quote, please read our guide: how to choose the windows.