The choice of the suitable window joinery is an important decision. Our products are distinguished by the highest quality of profiles in class A, precise accomplishment of them in every detail and professional montage.


Solid entrance doors are the basis of the safe house. We can offer you the whole variety of the front door joinery as well as the inside one. The wide array of designs, high quality of anti-burglary system and the highest class of our products are just some out of many advantages which can be fairly attributed to them.


Slidings systems form a perfect combination of the inside and outside space providing this way not only lighting of a room but also an attractive view. The comfort of its usage and good protection against atmospheric conditions are another advantages, worth considering by choosing one of our sliding systems.


You may come acroos the wall facade systems in offices and residential buildings. For example, they are a good solution in a situation when we would like to achieve an effect of lighting and enrichment of elevation at the same time.

How can we choose windows which will meet our expectations?

Prepare yourself for a conversation with a manufacturer or deliverer of windows.

Before choosing a window you should take into account that a salesman is a person that doesn"t necessarily have to know everything about windows and doors. You should prepare yourself before you decide to visit any sales salon. First of all, read about modern windows, their characteristics and parameters. Such basic knowledge will enable you to conduct the conversation with our salesman in a constructive manner. This kind of approach will definitely result in the probable purchase of windows which will meet your expectations.

The choice of a deliverer of windows

The best way is to always use certified and approved products. We should keep in mind that such elements as: glasses, profiles, fittings and montage have influence on the quality of windows. For example, it is important to know which and what kind of profile has been applied to a particular window. If it"s VEKA than we can be sure of its highest quality. Please, visit at least some of the forums where you can acquaint yourself with opinions of windows manufacturers and also with pros & cons of their products. It is also important to take a closer look at the issue of guarantee – you can read more about it below. It can be fairly said that the choice of the proper window reminds the one of the life partner. When it comes to the second decision, it is usually being made on the basis of a common set of values. In case of choosing windows or doors these values are: technical parameters of profiles, glasses, fittings, quality of montage, good client service ans also economical factors such as: prepayments, rates, prices and so on.

Guarantee for windows

– important by making final decision about the deliverer.
Only written guarantee is an obligatory document. You should read the guarantee conditions first. It may turn out that it only covers the costs of some elements of a window such as: fitting, glass or profile. Often the condition of getting such a document is hiring the montage team pointed out by the windows manufacturer. In such situation assemblers should also be able to give us guarantee for their works.

Aluminium windows and doors

Aluminium is almost perfect material – light, strong and resistant to any deformation. It doesn"t absorb moisture but instead of it is water- and windproof. Stylish design, wide array of shapes and colours will help you to choose joinery suitable for your elevation. We invite you to read our offer.
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